The making of...
It's that hard to find a place that you feel belong to? You bet. Life is, I guess, a process to gradually come to understand how the universe works and how we're fitted in it: 

Is there a purpose to our existence?

Stories about families move me. Johnny might try on exploring more insights about families... Here a refugee girl carrying her younger brother on her back. 
A never-ending story... never-ending sadness...
"Don't cry, my son.
Father's heart aches as much as your pain..." 

When the children cry,
let them know we have tried;
for when the children sing,
the new world begins...

-- White Lion.

"What inspired you to do this?"

Good question. I wasn't really born to draw. As you can tell by now I draw pretty bad. I guess I just have some stories to tell that I feel like sharing.

LOVE is all you need. -- John Lennon.

The other thing is that I'm not interested in most things people would spend their life looking for... Somehow I believe we are heading to the wrong direction but inevitably we have to join the group since we're part of the group.

You can't be what you're not. "I've tried to be something else. But I failed. I failed miserably."

I first thought of making the strips back in 1998. Before that I'd done some research about the types of drawing arts/comics presentation available on the market for half a year. I found out that my ideas come in broken fragments of scenes and flashes; which suits the style of comic strips! Since then I started to put my thoughts down on scrap paper, back of receipts, even write on my bare hands, just to make sure flashes don't sip through.

"Stop and listen to your heart. She's been knocking on your door ever since."

There was then I thought "since it's a reflection of my thoughts why don't I make a character based on these moronic ideas?" Thus we go 'Johnny'.

John is my cousin and my old friend. Together we've had a wonderful childhood. Thinking about it now can be as thrilling. 

We don't work like other comicians; where they have a fixed place and fixed time to work together. We're all individual bodies, having different jobs and ambitions. Yet we can all work on our parts in a fixed time frame. 

Although 'Johnny' didn't bring much surprise to the readers, we're not giving up. All of us will keep up improving the work. 

"Fail, analyze , improve" is our motto. 


When I started to draw, it was more like a process of experimenting with my ability to draw/present the ideas. Coming from a technical background I had no idea at all as to how to draw comics. What I had were whole lots of strip ideas. "Do I really wanna sell short?" was all that I was thinking...

"You have to have something before you can improve upon them."

This is the very statement that took away my hesitation. I'd waited long enough to have read it. I should have come across the statement much earlier.

"Do the right thing. Then do the thing right."

Conflicts so arise. There are times I think of giving up. Being a very impatient being I dislike the idea of doing routine stuff everyday. The technical aspect of the work could be so boring and monotonous... This is one of those things we've to overcome.

"Do the right things at the right time," some say. A 30-year-old doing a 20-year-old's stuff? 40 doing 30? 50 doing 40? or 70 doing... ?

If not now, when?

"After all, all things have two sides, or even more." Bad could be good; Good could be bad.

So much about the history hah? Let's talk a bit about my own reflection onto Johnny. It's obvious that Johnny's perception of life is rather pessimistic; yet his actions seem to be quite positive/optimistic. Can someone thinks negatively but work positively? The answer to that question is YES, as I've experienced it myself.

About Johnny's perception of love, he believes in true love. Surprised? Shouldn't be. He's dying for love. Why then the stories are full of cheating and unfaithful affairs? 'Cause these are all the foolish games... We're not ourselves. Most of the time we're our bodies, we're our fleshes. Sometimes we're our minds but some not. When we're young we're ignorant and we play games. If we're still playing games now that's because we choose to be ignorant simply because majority of the people remain happily ignorant.

What's to come for Johnny the Moron? Nobody knows. Not even Johnny himself. He once said that he was a messenger. He delivers what's to come to him. And one day the messenger must be silenced. HUHA!

The making of...

Copyright 2001, Johnny the Moron, John Lew. All rights reserved.