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My Oath

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    My Oath

    Medicine practice is an art of healing, with achievement as high as a prime minister (No. 2 in the country, next to the king).
    I must be determined in my goal, yet with a heart so humble and sincere.
    Though there could be Internal (Internal Medicine), External (Surgery), Women (Gynecology), and Children (Obstetrics), I will practice my sacred arts to heal each well.

    There isn't just one teacher to learning, I shall learn from the kind and experienced.
    Opening pages (reading) is beneficial, broad-subject reading is even better.
    I shall read books by the saints, so as not to deviate from or betray the righteous.
    I shall refer to the new, the same as I refer to the old to know the new.
    About being successful, what's of important is experience, together with self-discipline and improvement, only then I shall embrace the fame.

    It isn't difficult in approaching illnesses, what's difficult is the chaotic changes. Therefore prescription should be tailored cautiously, for being cautious is being complete and detailed.
    Differentiating Cold, Heat, Yin and Yang. Knowing the differences among Exterior, Interior, Deficiency (Inefficiency) or Excess.
    Diagnosis must be detailed, behaviors must not be casual.
    Mustn't show my own length (showing off) and mustn't attack others of their shortness (weakness).
    The heart (thoughtfulness) must be small (careful) yet gallbladder (decisiveness) be big (brave).
    My will be round (complete and all-rounded) and my move be square (open and truthful).

    During emergency, I must not take things lightly. I must strategize all I can to reverse the adversity, so as to fulfill my obligation.
    Meeting the poor, I must not be arrogant. I must help most that I can, so as to lessen the sadness of the poor.
    Hearing the moaning of patients, I must feel it as if it was my own sufferings.
    With power in my hand, be cautious as every moves worsen or improve patients' conditions.

    Turning back the spring (Bringing patients back to their healthy life) with three fingers (pulse taking technique), governing all aspects of being a good doctor. 
    If I can hold on strong to all these, I'm close to being a real doctor.

    John Lew