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    About John Lew

    John Lew was diagnosed as having migraine at the very young age at 10. Long before that he had his first strike of migraine at 6, as he recalled in his later years. The cause was unknown. His family didn't know what to do with this young boy's constant complaint of headache at the sides but to get him some traditional 'household' boluses. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. They were helpless...

    When his migraine struck, it was like the type of Accumulation of cold in the liver channel and qi stagnancy (Blinking Dim Spots Type) as he describes it today in traditional Chinese medicine. It came with compulsive voluntarily vomiting and sensitivity to sound, light, even smell. The migraine would strike one to two times a week and he would hide himself in a dark little corner to shy away from further disturbances. But the pain went on, he then forced himself to fall asleep; as falling asleep would ease the pain of migraine.

    He had been growing up with migraine as his 'good buddy'. At one time he believed he was born to suffer the illness. "Might as well learn to live with it", once he said to himself. But then he underestimated the many turning points in life one may have; he bumped into an 'old and odd' book about diagnosis and treatments of general illnesses by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) at 17. It was an eye-opener. The theory was abstract but yet so natural. Many diseases were explained in very natural approaches quoting some basic elements like wood, fire, water, earth, and natural laws like the day (yang) and night (yin), or too much (Excessiveness) or too little (Deficiency or insufficiency) of something, or the cold and hot and so forth. Immediately he knew this was something worth his time. Ever since then, he's never stopped reading those 'old and odd' books.

    However, as he puts it, life tends to play joke on human beings. He didn't pursue the studies of medicine after high school. Instead, he went to Iowa State University of Science and Technology, USA, to study Aerospace Engineering. It's a decision that opened his eyes to the wonder of computational power and the nature of 'external qi (air)' movement around airfoils, as he would joke so. He, however, did bring a number of TCM books with him.

    A few years later he was in Taiwan working as sales engineer in the world's largest semiconductor manufacturing city, HsinChu City; analyzing and providing solutions as to why chips fail (Failure Analysis). See? Life has a funny way with human beings. But then, he was exposed to even more TCM resources there. Things and people you see here and there may eventually lead you to your destiny.

    Today he is further pursuing his Master degree (Full Course) in TCM jointly offered by Malaysia Traditional Medical College, Malaysia and Shandong University of TCM, China. He's engaged in internal medicine practice as well as acupuncture treatments. Years of suffering from migraine and other diseases (Yes, there are others) has made him determined to nail down the causes and 'fix' them, and to help others who have gone through similar sufferings.

    He's also learnt that in order to treat chronic diseases, the right diagnosis (in terms of TCM diagnosis) is the key. Once the causes are known, solutions are readily available. More than 3,000 years of practical and down-to-earth experiences of TCM lay behind a precious treasure that has yet to be fully explored.