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About LEW'S Information (Obsolete)

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    About LEW'S Information (Obsolete)

Purpose/Mission of the site:
  1. To give a perspective of how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sees the problems of headache/migraine.
  2. To provide free online consultation service. LEW'S Information is a non-profit organization.
Editor Qualifications

John Lew

Bachelor of Medicine (B. Med.), Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jinan, China.

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.), Iowa State University of Science and Technology, Ames, IA, USA.

Transparency: of Sponsorship This is a non-profit organization and funded entirely by John Lew.
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LEW'S Information of Traditional Chinese Medicine is an free online consultation service. John's personal suffering from migraine and his background in TCM has prepared him well in using TCM approaches in treating patients.

The history of TCM can trace all the way back to 3,000 years ago. TCM looks at the human body in a holistic fashion as a whole with the nature. That's why a therapeutic principle that calms liver (system, not the organ) and subdues liver-yang (hyperactivity of the liver system) for the treatment of hypertension (Liver-Jue, vertex of head) headache (a type of headache that characterized by high blood pressure) may seem unbelievable or even ridiculous for modern medicine. But very few know for the fact that the liver meridian has a branch leading all the way to vertex. 

Therefore, a TCM physician will see the nature of your illnesses very differently than a GP. Apart from topic around your main illness, he or she will also look into problems of other parts or organs of your body to fully reveal your health as a whole. What's inside is reflected outside. There are windows to our internal organs and their functionalities. For instance, your eyes are windows to your liver system.

Once the nature of headache/migraine is diagnosed (It usually involves two to three interactive consultations), a prescription will be given to treat the illness to restore the balance of yin and yang, cold or hot, excessiveness or deficiency (or insufficiency), and internal or external. Treatment given will be in the form of herbal medicine. In addition, advices of diet, living lifestyle, and exercise will be given.

Because this is an online consultation service, we are not able to see patients in person. To compensate this, we will try to make full use of the Internet including scanned photos to gather from patients information as comprehensive as possible. If you have a headache/migraine illness that you'd like to try LEW'S Information, please give your full details as required on the consultation form so that we can have a clear picture of your condition.

If found necessary at times we may recommend that you visit your doctor for a physical examination.

Because all consultations have to be analyzed and diagnosed by John Lew and his availability is limited, we have the right to accept or deny any consultation requests. We will always answer your first enquiry but we will evaluate if we are capable of handling your case, depending on factors such as our capability, the nature of your headache, John's availability, and etc.

All these are important to ensure all accepted individuals are paid full attention to.