All things matter to our souls All things matter to our souls. Something about Animals, Diet, Diseases, Health, Immune System, Living Lifestyle, Love, Nature, Souls, Traditional Medicine and etc. at
Traditional Chinese Medicine Headache/Migraine: An example of how TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) looks at illnesses. What are 'syndromes' or body types? How 'symptoms' help in diagnosis? What 'channels' are responsible for a specific part of headache? How migraine is classified in terms of TCM? And others. 
Johnny the Moron comic strips 白痴强尼漫画. 这是现实以外的地方, 这里会发生各种超出想象的事情,进来吧,强尼在等着你呢!   Johnny the Moron comic strips. This a place beyond reality. It's where the unimaginable would take place. Come on in, Johnny is waiting for you... 
Close-up photographs and wallpapers Close-up photographs, wallpapers. Close-up photographs, wallpapers of insects, plants, flowers, ants, spiders, snails, pollen... Nature zoomed in, clam & relaxing. Experience the nature's beauty. 1024x768 resolution wallpapers. 

All things matter to our souls
100 Sparrows: Releasing lives gets fortune (More info about the 100 sparrows, here)
Deer hunting: Intestines broken in pieces (More info about the mother deer, here)
White turtle repays gratitude (More info about the white turtle, here)

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